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The 603 Alliance Get’s “ink” in the UK Guardian

The UK Guardian was at CPAC where they asked attendees,” Which Democrat does Donald Trump’s base fear most in the 2020 presidential election?” One of those interviewed was our own Fran Wendelboe.

“Fran Wendelboe, the treasurer of the conservative organisation the 603 Alliance in New Hampshire, the first state to hold a primary, said: “Among the young voters, Bernie Sanders still seems popular. I think he still has great traction. Elizabeth Warren doesn’t seem to be getting much – she should get out of the race. But they’re all trampling themselves to get as far to the left as they can. Nobody’s going to beat Trump.”

The consensus among CPAC’s participants the Guardian spoke with was that Sanders is the biggest threat because of his appeal to the Left’s base. Big money, big crowds, adoring fans. But they also agreed that Trump would beat him.

Read more here (MSN.com).

The 603 Alliance Raises Over $5,000.00 for Liberty House

From left, JP Marzullo, Kieth Howard, Fran Wendelboe, and Diane Bitter
From left, JP Marzullo, Kieth Howard, Fran Wendelboe, and Diane Bitter

Source: GraniteGrok.com

New Hampshire’s Inaugural Gala on January 20, 2017, wasn’t just an opportunity to have a Ball in New Hampshire. It was also a fundraiser. The 603 Alliance sponsored the event as both an opportunity for Granite State Residents to share in the experience of President Trump’s Inaugural Ball in Washington D.C., and to raise money for a good cause.

The cause is Liberty House in Manchester, a safe, supportive, substance-free community for American Veterans transitioning out of homelessness.

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Issues Briefing Summit – Government Overreach

Our next speaker from The 603 Alliance Issues Briefing Summit is Jim Kofalt. Jim’s topic is government overreach with a focus on Federal land acquisition and the EPA’s MS4 permitting process.

Both present significant problems for property rights and property taxes. Everyone in New Hampshire, whether citizen or citizen legislator needs to understand what they are and the impact these Federal efforts will have in the Granite State.

603 Alliance Position On New Hampshire 2016 Political Races


At this time, The 603 Alliance has not endorsed any candidate in the 2016 elections, aside from our endorsement of Ted Cruz for President following his victory in our Grassroots Presidential Selection Caucus last October.  Later this year, we will be endorsing and promoting a number of candidates whose words and actions have been consistent with the principles set forth in our founding documents, including the United States Constitution and the New Hampshire Constitution.

However, The 603 Alliance will not necessarily take a position in every contest.  In any given race, if there is no candidate who clearly aligns with the principles of free people, free markets, and constitutional government; then The 603 Alliance will refrain from endorsing any candidate in that race.  In any case, we do not expect to endorse any candidates until the filing period for candidacy has passed.

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Ted Cruz Files At The State House

Thanks to all of you who came out on a rainy November morning, there was a heckuva turnout for Ted Cruz’ filing at the State House this week, and a couple of history lessons, too – I like the way Secretary Gardner did not just deliver his usual short history of the First In The Nation primary, but also referenced an earlier visit by Rafael Cruz, talked about Ted’s senior thesis, and showed a copy of NH’s first proposed amendment to the US Constitution – which became the TENTH Amendment!

Press interview and joint Press Conference with 603 Alliance….

Whither The Alliance?

Whither, not wither! Dear Members, there’s work to be done – we’re in it for the long haul, and we hope you’ll join us in our journey.

Cruz-CNBC-Debate First and foremost, as the immediate followup to the Grassroots Presidential Selection Caucus on Oct 17th, we are pledged to support Senator Cruz in his bid for the White House – thus far, he’s proving to be an excellent campaigner, a fiery debater, and great at raising and managing money.

We encourage all the caucus-goers to rally behind Ted Cruz and to take a leaf from Gov Sununu’s book to “talk, talk, talk” to your friends and neighbors about how Senator Cruz is the real deal, and how he will win this race with hard work, steady fundraising, our help, and God willing.

You. Picked. Wisely 🙂

But what else will the Alliance be doing?

From now until February, the big push is to get the Alliance’s pick through the NH primary.
But that’s not all, folks….

Press Release:
Senator Ted Cruz Victorious at Grassroots Caucus
603 Alliance Endorses Senator Cruz

Hard work wins the day!
Hard work wins the day!
The overwhelming winner of the 603 Alliance Grassroots Presidential Selection Caucus for Republican Candidates on October 17 was U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. Dr. Ben Carson came in second place, and Carly Fiorina came in third.

The members of the 603 Alliance, who pledged that they would support and campaign for whomever was the victor in the Grassroots Caucus, have officially endorsed Senator Cruz, unanimously.

Over 700 grassroots activists turned out for this first-ever New Hampshire Caucus that was organized by the 603 Alliance. This Caucus was designed to give grassroots activists a chance to make their voices heard; and they did so quite clearly at the Durgin Arena at the Hopkinton Fairgrounds.
Enthusiastic voters arrived early….