603 Alliance Featured at Nashua GOP

Nashua Republican City Comittee(Photos below)

603 Alliance team is featured at Nashua Republican City Committee

On August 13, at the opening of the fall season for the Nashua City Republican Committee, Karen Thoman, Vice Chairman, introduced members of the 603 Alliance to speak to the NRCC members.

The Amphitheater of the Nashua Crowne Plaza was filled with approximately 40 members of the NRCC as Jim Kofalt and Diane Bitter addressed the group.  When Diane asked for a show of hands of who had heard of the 603 Alliance, nearly every hand was raised.  This was a clear indication that word is spreading — and that’s good. Continue reading 603 Alliance Featured at Nashua GOP

Second Training Seminar

2nd Training Session(Photos below)

The 603 Alliance held its second training seminar on Tuesday, August 11, 2015 at St. Anselm’s Institute of Politics and despite the heavy storms throughout the area, the turnout was fantastic.

After introductions and a brief overview of who the 603 Alliance and CBL-NH, LLC is for the newcomers, the training focused on the “First in the State” 603 Grassroots Presidential Caucus on Saturday, October 17, 2015 at the Hopkinton Fairgrounds. Continue reading Second Training Seminar