603 Alliance Endorses Chuck Morse for Governor

The 603 Alliance, a leading conservative grassroots organization in New Hampshire, endorses Chuck Morse for Governor.

Chuck Morse boasts a proven track record as the longest-serving President of the New Hampshire State Senate, dedicated to limiting government overreach and safeguarding Constitutional rights.

Ayotte’s rhetoric on the campaign trail may mimic conservative ideals, but her actions during her one term in the United States Senate often retreated from these principles.

Morse stands alone as the sole candidate with a tangible record of defending 2nd Amendment rights, reducing taxes for small businesses and homeowners, vehemently opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants, advocating for educational freedom, and prioritizing an America-first energy policy. Morse has the proven record of substantive accomplishments that he consistently delivered while in the NH Senate.

As a border state, it is critical that our NH Governor take a firm stand against illegal immigration. While in the United States Senate Kelly Ayotte voted for the “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill that would have given citizenship to people who entered the United State illegally.

“I served in the legislature with Chuck and there is not anyone better qualified and prepared to be Governor than Chuck is “asserted Fran Wendelboe of the 603 Alliance. ” Morse’s actions and accomplishments reflect the qualities of a genuine conservative leader. His track record of over a decade dedicated to delivering concrete results for Granite State families instills our trust that he will seamlessly continue this successful legacy from day one.”

Chuck Morse is not a career politician; he is a successful small business owner who started Freshwater Farms from scratch and now employs more than 50 Granite Staters.  He has put that experience to work for the people of New Hampshire. Under his leadership not only has the state budget been balanced, but we have seen property taxes cut by $500 million; the interest and dividends tax eliminated; and the state’s rainy-day fund filled.

Chuck Morse is the kind of leader who gets things done. He has been able to move the state in a positive direction even when in the minority. His ability to reach across the aisle without sacrificing his principles is a real asset.

For these reasons, when comparing the track record of the two current Republican candidates, the 603 Alliance determined that Chuck Morse is clearly the best candidate to be our next Governor.

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