Our Mission

The 603 ALLIANCE exists to restore Constitutional principles at all levels of our government by championing the principles of free people and free markets, uniting like-minded citizens in support of candidates who will further these principles.

Who’s Who at 603 Alliance

Board of Directors
      Diane Bitter  –  Jim Kofalt  –  Fran Wendelboe – Omer Ahern       Steve MacDonald  – Don Ewing  – Jenny Wilson

Advisory Board
Jack Kimball  –  Chuck Lothrop – Di Lothrop
Skip Murphy – Mike Rogers – Spec Bowers

Steering Committee
Founding Members of 603 Alliance
      Omer Ahern         Diane Bitter       Fran Wendelboe
Jack Kimball         Jim Kofalt             Chuck Lothrop
Di Lothrop        Steve MacDonald     Skip Murphy
Mar Mar Rogers      Mike Rogers        Sylvia Smith

603 Alliance, 
PO Box 603, Concord, NH 03302 / (603) 513-0378
Email: Info@603alliance.org

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  1. I’m glad that I discovered this organization. We are at such a critical point in the history of our, once great Republic. Let’s get it back on track. The track with which our founding fathers, once had us upon!!!

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