RevCon 2021 and Lindell Dinner Recap

MIke Lindell speaking at 603 Alliance dinner

The 603 Alliance hosted two big events back to back on Saturday.  RevCon 2021, geared towards training and directing new activists, lived up to its goals. Hundreds of people arrived in Manchester from NH, and even a few of the surrounding states to get plugged in.

This event provided a great opportunity for like-minded people to come together, network, and learn how to be more effective as activists.  Our day included a series of talks and interactive sessions at which subject matter experts provided tools and details to attendees on a wide range of subjects.

Our pre-lunch speaker was author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon, and the closing conference keynote was given by entrepreneur Dan Richards, who took on the proponents of Critical Race Theory at SAU70 in Hanover, New Hampshire. Both were powerful speakers and well worth your time. (See below for video links.)

We finished the day with a buffet dinner and a rousing speech from Mike Lindell, founder & CEO of My Pillow.  Mike was excited to be there and to share his story, his passion, and all the data from the November 2020 election he’s collected.

THANKS to everyone who attended, to all of our presenters, volunteers, and to Fran Wendelboe & Diane Bitter, who did most of the work planning & managing the event.  Thanks also to all of our sponsors, including the NH Advantage PAC,, Jenny Wilson, Don Ewing, and others who supported this effort (including sound-man extraordinaire John Irish).

Thanks also to  the good people over at Granite Grok, we have a video of everything! Grok will be publishing the video over the next few days (or weeks?).  Check it out HERE.