How Did Your Legislator Vote? Check the CPAC Scorecard

CPAC has released their latest legislative scorecard for NH.  Here’s their press release in its entirety, along with a link to the scorecard:

CPAC Releases New Hampshire Legislative Scorecard, Revealing the Plight of Razor-Thin Majorities. 
ALEXANDRIA, VA (March 11, 2024) — CPAC Foundation’s analysis reveals that New Hampshire’s Republican legislators largely voted consistently in line with the conservative position throughout the year. Despite their efforts, however, few conservative bills were passed because of near-gridlock in the House.

“Somehow, New Hampshire, with its ideologically divided 400-person House of Representatives, has found itself in this unenviable position with predictable results,” said CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp. “New Hampshire voters need to send more conservatives to the legislature in order for the next Republican Governor to succeed.”

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