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603 & GraniteGrok Team Up for Radio Row 2024

The 603 Alliance and GraniteGrok teamed up to host a spectacular broadcast on Radio Row during the New Hampshire Presidential Primary, 2024

On January 21, 22, and 23, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at the Doubletree Hotel in Manchester, our team of Commentators interviewed outstanding legislators, political activists, and various candidates to talk about the First-in-the-Nation Primary.

A total of 37 speakers were interviewed over this three-day period. The team of Commentators were headed-up by our favorite broadcaster, Jeff Chidester, of iHeart Radio. Others included: Granite Grok’s Editor/Owner Steve MacDonald, Mike Rogers, Fran Wendelboe, and JD Bernardy.

Here’s the list of Guest Speakers:

  • Congresswoman Kat Cammack, U.S. House of Representatives, from FL
  • Eric Trump, Trump Team, son of President Donald J. Trump
  • Kari Lake, Candidate for US Senate from AZ
  • David Scanlon, N.H. Secretary of State
  • N.H. Senate President, Jeb Bradley – Remote
  • Speaker Sherm Packard, NH House of Representatives – Remote
  • Grover Norquist, President Americans for Tax Reform – Remote
  • Corey Lewandowski, Trump Team
  • Hon. Al Baldasaro, Former N.H. State Rep.
  • Sen. Chuck Morse, Candidate for NH Governor
  • Former Speaker of NH House, Hon. Bill O’Brien
  • Chris Ager, NHGOP Chairman
  • Russell Prescott, Former Sen. and Exec. Councilor – Candidate for CD 1
  • Lily Tang Williams, Candidate for CD2
  • Ryan Zinke, Former Interior Secretary for Pres. Trump, Candidate for US House from MT
  • Former Sen. Jim Rubens, Advocate for Constitutional Convention
  • Bishop E.W. Jackson, Republican Candidate for President, S.T.A.N.D. Foundation – Remote
  • Mary Jane Beauregard, RNC Committeewoman from NH
  • Jessica Vaughan, Center for Immigration Studies – Remote
  • Augusta Petrone, N.H. Long-time Activist
  • Steve Stepanek, N.H. Trump Team Chairman
  • Rep. Jeanine Notter, Served in NH House since 2010, Majority Whip in ’21
  • Di Lothrop, Nashua Trump Team Captain
  • Greg Moore, Dir. N.H. Americans for Prosperity
  • Ken Eyring, Government Integrity Project – Remote
  • Tom Murray, Government Integrity Project
  • Marianna Williamson, Democrat Candidate for President
  • Andrew Yang, 2020 Democrat Presidential Candidate
  • Mark Stewart Greenstein, Democrat Presidential Candidate, 2024
  • Chris Maidment, Activist
  • Carla Gericks, Activist
  • Eric Brakey, Free State Project Chairman
  • Matt Mowers, ’22 and ’20 US House Candidate
  • Vermin Supreme, Presidential Candidate – running on a platform of free ponies for everyone
  • Dave Werner, Grok Writer
  • Beth Scaer, Activist
  • Ryan Binkley, Texas Pastor and Republican Presidential Candidate, 2024

NOTE: All of the Guest Speakers appeared in person, except for those with the notation “Remote” after their names.

The interviews with these 37 Guest Speakers represents 20 hours of content, after editing. Several of these individual interviews have already been shared as posts at

The entire 20 hours of interviews will be published on The ‘Grok Rumble channel and can be viewed here:

School Board Candidate Training Saturday 1/20

The 603 Alliance will be holding a FREE candidate training on Saturday, January 20th in Concord. If you’re concerned about the decline in academic standards and the politicization of our public schools, please consider running for School Board in your district. We need to take back control of our schools and renew their focus on academic achievement.

Our ONE AND ONLY training session this year will take place on Saturday, January 20th, from 9 AM to 2:30 PM in Concord.

If you’re interested in attending, please fill out our CANDIDATE SURVEY. (Click here for the survey.)

603 Alliance Endorses Beauregard & O’Brien for RNC

The 603 Alliance, a leading conservative grassroots organization in New Hampshire, announces that it is endorsing Mary Jane Beauregard for the position of RNC Committeewoman and Bill O’Brien for the position of RNC Committeeman. The election will take place on January 13th, 2024, at the Annual Meeting of the Republican State Committee.

Bill O’Brien has led the fight for fiscal restraint, lower taxes, less-intrusive government, and a return to common sense. As the NH Speaker of the House, he led Republican efforts to rein in a bloated state budget, defend the 2nd Amendment, and restore a vibrant New Hampshire economy. Since then, he has consistently held to the values espoused in the Republican party platform, and is currently representing our state as a member of the RNC. Bill has built a strong network of relationships with other leaders throughout the country. Those relationships will serve him well when he is elected to continue in that role .

Mary Jane Beauregard has worked tirelessly for Republicans in our state as the Finance Chair of the NHGOP. During her tenure in that position, she has proven herself to be an effective fundraiser and has consistently demonstrated her ability to work with others toward a common goal. The 603 Alliance Board believes that Mary Jane has the wisdom, experience, and commitment be a strong voice for New Hampshire, advocating for the preservation of our First in the Nation status.

“Bill has been a champion for limited government for many years, and we have no doubt that he will continue to represent New Hampshire effectively,” said Diane Bitter, Board member and co-founder of the 603 Alliance. “We are impressed with Mary Jane’s experience and commitment as well, and look forward to seeing her expand her efforts to the national stage.”

603 Alliance Endorses Chuck Morse for Governor

The 603 Alliance, a leading conservative grassroots organization in New Hampshire, endorses Chuck Morse for Governor.

Chuck Morse boasts a proven track record as the longest-serving President of the New Hampshire State Senate, dedicated to limiting government overreach and safeguarding Constitutional rights.

Ayotte’s rhetoric on the campaign trail may mimic conservative ideals, but her actions during her one term in the United States Senate often retreated from these principles.

Morse stands alone as the sole candidate with a tangible record of defending 2nd Amendment rights, reducing taxes for small businesses and homeowners, vehemently opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants, advocating for educational freedom, and prioritizing an America-first energy policy. Morse has the proven record of substantive accomplishments that he consistently delivered while in the NH Senate.

As a border state, it is critical that our NH Governor take a firm stand against illegal immigration. While in the United States Senate Kelly Ayotte voted for the “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill that would have given citizenship to people who entered the United State illegally.

“I served in the legislature with Chuck and there is not anyone better qualified and prepared to be Governor than Chuck is “asserted Fran Wendelboe of the 603 Alliance. ” Morse’s actions and accomplishments reflect the qualities of a genuine conservative leader. His track record of over a decade dedicated to delivering concrete results for Granite State families instills our trust that he will seamlessly continue this successful legacy from day one.”

Chuck Morse is not a career politician; he is a successful small business owner who started Freshwater Farms from scratch and now employs more than 50 Granite Staters.  He has put that experience to work for the people of New Hampshire. Under his leadership not only has the state budget been balanced, but we have seen property taxes cut by $500 million; the interest and dividends tax eliminated; and the state’s rainy-day fund filled.

Chuck Morse is the kind of leader who gets things done. He has been able to move the state in a positive direction even when in the minority. His ability to reach across the aisle without sacrificing his principles is a real asset.

For these reasons, when comparing the track record of the two current Republican candidates, the 603 Alliance determined that Chuck Morse is clearly the best candidate to be our next Governor.

603 Alliance Endorses Russell Prescott for Congress

The 603 Alliance, a leading conservative grassroots organization in New Hampshire, endorses Russell Prescott to represent New Hampshire’s First Congressional District.

Prescott is committed to limited government and Constitutional principles. Through five terms as a State Senator and two terms as an Executive Councilor, he has held firm to those values.

As a State Senator, Russell Prescott introduced legislation for Constitutional Carry in New Hampshire, underscoring his firm commitment to our state’s 2nd Amendment protections.

Prescott also introduced legislation to strengthen voter integrity and sponsored right-to-work.  He has been a staunch advocate of responsible spending and lower taxes.

As the owner of a highly successful business, Russell Prescott understands the importance of a balanced budget.  Under his leadership, the family business has grown by over 500%.

Prescott has acknowledged that Washington “has a massive spending problem”, promising to oppose any efforts to increase income taxes and committing to vote for reduced federal spending. He has signed the US Term Limits pledge, committing to co-sponsor and fight for legislation that would limit the tenure for Members of Congress in the US House to a maximum of six years.

Russell Prescott also understands how to get things done, bringing together diverse coalitions to gain ground for conservative causes.  He has committed to running a positive campaign.  That reflects his history as an elected official in New Hampshire.   The New Hampshire Business Review noted that “his ability to get along with others and thoughtfully compromise on solutions impressed many who have worked with him.”

“Russell Prescott not only has what it takes to beat Chris Pappas next November,” said Diane Bitter of the 603 Alliance.  “He’s the kind of proven results-oriented conservative we need to send to Washington.”

603 Alliance Endorses Donald Trump for President

[Concord, NH, November 11, 2023] The 603 Alliance, a leading conservative grassroots organization in New Hampshire, endorses Donald Trump for President.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan captured the hearts and minds of many Americans when he asked: “Are you better off now than you were four years ago? Is it easier for you to go and buy things in the stores than it was four years ago? Is there more or less unemployment in the country than there was four years ago? Is America as respected throughout the world as it was? Do you feel that our security is as safe, that we’re as strong as we were four years ago?”

It is well worth asking those same questions again today. Under Donald Trump’s leadership, America experienced a resurgence in economic activity, including a revival in manufacturing. Average gas prices ranged between $2.26 and $2.81 per gallon. Minority unemployment hit an all‐time low, and domestic energy production reached an all‐time high. Inflation averaged just 1.4 percent.

Joe Biden’s America, in contrast, looks a lot like Jimmy Carter’s. So, too, does the rest of the world. Four years ago, Trump was brokering peace deals in the Middle East. Today, that region is at war. US troops are under attack. Vladimir Putin is on the march in Ukraine. Our nation needs a proven leader who can act quickly to reverse the damage brought about by Joe Biden’s disastrous economic policies, and who can affirmatively re‐assert America’s strength on the world stage. Donald Trump is uniquely qualified to do both.

While the remaining pack of GOP candidates battle for the second‐place position, Donald Trump continues to dominate the polls. He has a commanding lead in New Hampshire. Moreover, recent results show him beating Joe Biden in key swing states, disproving once and for all the claims that Trump cannot win another general election. He has done it before, and he is uniquely positioned to do it again.

“The 603 Alliance is proud to be endorsing Donald Trump,” said Jim Kofalt, Managing Director of the 603 Alliance. “While the rest of the candidates are clamoring to appeal to the donor classes, Donald Trump is reaching out to regular people, engaging with the grassroots, and setting the stage for victory next November. The 603 Alliance is all‐in for Donald Trump.”

OCT 28: Groktoberfest with Corey Lewandowski

Join us for food, fun, & free speech on October 28th, 2023, from 1-4 PM at the Londonderry Fish & Game Club,

The 603 Alliance will be supporting the crew from in celebrating Groktoberfest.  This event will raise funds to continue GraniteGrok’s expansion.


Confirmed speakers include:

–  Corey Lewandowski

–  Hal Shurtleff (on his 9-0 Free Speech Supreme Court Win)

–  Dan Richards (Defend Our Kids)

–  Jeff Chidester (Also serving as our Emcee)

There will be music, comedy, local activist groups, food, beverages, and a Gun Raffle for a Ruger 10-22 rifle.

$35 gets you a meal and admission to the event.