2018 Election Recap

The 603 Alliance has been very busy in 2018 working to find, train, and elect Conservatives to the NH House. We received very positive feedback from candidates about our campaign training and mentoring, our issues education, and our seminar on what to expect in the new legislative session.  Based on an analysis of the election results, our efforts have helped elect more conservative NH State Representatives. Thirty-eight percent of our endorsed first-time state representative candidates won their elections, versus a 27% success rate for first-time non-endorsed candidates.

Unfortunately, however, there was a “blue wave” in New Hampshire. Democrats took over the House, Senate, and Executive Council and will work to undo the Republican achievements of the last two years.  The 603 Alliance will be encouraging Governor Sununu to veto Democrat attempts to limit our freedoms, harm our economic growth, create new taxes, or substantially expand government.

We wish to thank all candidates for their efforts and encourage those who didn’t win this time to stay active to prepare to run again and win in 2020. It is essential that Republicans are victorious in 2020, not only to put our state and country back on track to greater freedom, security, and prosperity; but to avoid gerrymandering by Democrats that would lock New Hampshire Republicans out of office for at least the next decade.  Stay tuned for more information as we plan our activities to achieve victory in 2020.

We want to thank the many people who have helped by contributing their time, expertise, and money. Your continued assistance will help us use the experience we gained in 2018 to be even more effective in ensuring success in 2020.