603 Alliance Position On New Hampshire 2016 Political Races


At this time, The 603 Alliance has not endorsed any candidate in the 2016 elections, aside from our endorsement of Ted Cruz for President following his victory in our Grassroots Presidential Selection Caucus last October.  Later this year, we will be endorsing and promoting a number of candidates whose words and actions have been consistent with the principles set forth in our founding documents, including the United States Constitution and the New Hampshire Constitution.

However, The 603 Alliance will not necessarily take a position in every contest.  In any given race, if there is no candidate who clearly aligns with the principles of free people, free markets, and constitutional government; then The 603 Alliance will refrain from endorsing any candidate in that race.  In any case, we do not expect to endorse any candidates until the filing period for candidacy has passed.

We have received a number of inquiries specifically asking about our position regarding the contest for the US Senate seat that is currently held by Kelly Ayotte.  We agree that Senator Ayotte’s record has been a great disappointment to conservatives.  We also understand that the outcome of this race may determine the balance of power in the US Supreme Court and majority party control in the US Senate; both of which have serious implications for our state and for our nation.  Accordingly, The 603 Alliance does not currently take a position regarding the US Senate race, and will only do so if we see a strong conservative candidate emerge who has adequate funding, name recognition, and broad grassroots support sufficient to win in both the primary and general elections.

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