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The 603 Alliance Get’s “ink” in the UK Guardian

The UK Guardian was at CPAC where they asked attendees,” Which Democrat does Donald Trump’s base fear most in the 2020 presidential election?” One of those interviewed was our own Fran Wendelboe.

“Fran Wendelboe, the treasurer of the conservative organisation the 603 Alliance in New Hampshire, the first state to hold a primary, said: “Among the young voters, Bernie Sanders still seems popular. I think he still has great traction. Elizabeth Warren doesn’t seem to be getting much – she should get out of the race. But they’re all trampling themselves to get as far to the left as they can. Nobody’s going to beat Trump.”

The consensus among CPAC’s participants the Guardian spoke with was that Sanders is the biggest threat because of his appeal to the Left’s base. Big money, big crowds, adoring fans. But they also agreed that Trump would beat him.

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