603 Alliance/CBL Summit

Betsy McCauligh addresses the audience
On April 19 there was a loud bang very much like the shot heard around the world made on April 19, 1775 in Massachusetts. Well-known Conservative activists and like-minded constitutionalists in New Hampshire and surrounding states launched their new initiative by holding a Summit meeting for the purpose of introducing the 603 Alliance and the Conservative Business League to local organizations.

Among the noted speakers in attendance were:

  • Sharon Angle – former candidate for US Senate from Nevada
  • Trevor Louden – internationally renowned speaker and author of The Enemies Within
  • Andrew Hemingway – technology entrepreneur and former gubernatorial candidate
  • Betsy McCaughey – former Lieutenant Governor of New York and author of Beating Obamacare
  • Bill O’Brien – conservative leader and former Speaker of the NH House
  • Aaron Day – Chairman of Atlas Society
  • Jason Sorens – founder of the Free State Project
  • Dan Itse – NH State Rep and constitutional expert
  • Jack Kimball – business leader, former gubernatorial candidate, and former state GOP chair
  • Mike Rogers – conservative activist and blogger at GraniteGrok

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RINO Hunters Cull the Herd of Presidential Candidates

NH House Speaker O'Brien_Bill
Former New Hampshire House Speaker Bill O’Brien

The prospective presidential candidates who showed up for the GOP cattle call in Nashua last weekend heeded the plea from state party chair Jennifer Horn to refrain from intraparty squabbles. Not so for the conservative activists who stuck around for Sunday’s alternative conference.

The “Summit of Grassroots Activists” was hosted by the 603 Alliance, a new political committee attempting to coalesce support among conservatives for a single presidential candidate and leverage that support to help the endorsed candidate win the party’s first-in-the-nation presidential primary.

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