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Bill O’Brien and a Personal Message for the Summit by Sen. Ted Cruz

Bill O’Brien introduced a personal message from Texas Senator Ted Cruz to our Summit attendees. Sen. Cruz wanted to be there but it was his daughters birthday weekend. So, he made time to record some thoughts.

Before that Bill took aim at the New Hampshire Democrat Delegation’s failure to represent the Granite State, with a focus on Sen. Shaheen who is up for re-election in 2020.

Bill O’Brien

Special Ted Cruz remarks the 603 Summit

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Cruzin To Victory At Exeter Town Hall

GrokTV on location – Ted Cruz’ bus tour stopped at the historic Exeter Town Hall where Lincoln spoke in 1860

Ted Cruz’ NH “Cruzin to Victory” bus tour came to Exeter’s historic town hall this morning, where he gave a rousing performance – this campaign has certainly honed his skills!

First, introductions by Bill O’Brien and Bob Smith, and a short video…

Second, Cruz delivered his stump speech, painting his vision for America in bold colors, and with a good dose of humor…

Followed by Q&A, Quotes from Reagan, Scripture, Heinlein, and Thatcher, and a call to action – listen and hear when he means by “voting ten times!”

RINO Hunters Cull the Herd of Presidential Candidates

NH House Speaker O'Brien_Bill
Former New Hampshire House Speaker Bill O’Brien

The prospective presidential candidates who showed up for the GOP cattle call in Nashua last weekend heeded the plea from state party chair Jennifer Horn to refrain from intraparty squabbles. Not so for the conservative activists who stuck around for Sunday’s alternative conference.

The “Summit of Grassroots Activists” was hosted by the 603 Alliance, a new political committee attempting to coalesce support among conservatives for a single presidential candidate and leverage that support to help the endorsed candidate win the party’s first-in-the-nation presidential primary.

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