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603 Dinner Keynote Speaker – James O’Keefe

James O’Keefe came to New Hampshire to share a documented case of vote fraud. They recorded a citizen admitting to voting in two states for the same election. He brought the evidence to the NH AG, who then handed James a subpoena.

The double voter was eventually charged but not until after this event and public pressure applied to the Nh AG as a result of it.

Below James explains the circumstances and explores the ongoing issue of election fraud in the Granite State and the actions of State authorities to punish him for pointing out the flaws in their system.

Note: His complete remarks have been divided up into shorter more digestible segments.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Ed Naile – The NH AG’s Office and Election Fraud

CNHT chairman Ed Nail gives us a vote-fraud warm-up for what follows during the dinner event. James O’keefe’s latest investigation.

Ed gives us a recent history of the NH AG’s office and it’s “pursuit” of vote stealers in New Hampshire including all the details they didn’t share with the press (if they even pursued the case) that activists uncovered.

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Bill O’Brien and a Personal Message for the Summit by Sen. Ted Cruz

Bill O’Brien introduced a personal message from Texas Senator Ted Cruz to our Summit attendees. Sen. Cruz wanted to be there but it was his daughters birthday weekend. So, he made time to record some thoughts.

Before that Bill took aim at the New Hampshire Democrat Delegation’s failure to represent the Granite State, with a focus on Sen. Shaheen who is up for re-election in 2020.

Bill O’Brien

Special Ted Cruz remarks the 603 Summit

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603 Summit: Steve Negron: Capitalism vs. Socialism

Against Ann Kuster’s expansive multi-million dollar war chest Republican Steve Negron was only supposed to get only about 10% of the vote. He got 42% and turned out more Republican votes for a Republican Congressional candidate in NH CD-2 since 2002. He’s running again, and we invited him to speak at the Liberty Trumps socialism Summit. His topic, Capitalism vs. Socialsim.

Part 1

(Note – Steve mistakenly says he is pro-choice in his opening remarks. He corrects that after his speech. Steve is 100% pro-life from conception to natural death. Watch it in part 2 at the 8 min mark.)


Part 2

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Ann Marie Banfield: The Changing Face of Public Education

Ann Marie Banfield is a long-time New Hampshire education activist and former Education Liaison for Cornerstone. She is a contributor at GraniteGrok.com and appears frequently on education matters before legislative committee hearings and local school boards.

She joined the Liberty Trumps Socialism Summit to talk about public education and the shift from the classic liberal arts education into what has become little more than workforce training.

Part 1

Part 2

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