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Ed Naile – The NH AG’s Office and Election Fraud

CNHT chairman Ed Nail gives us a vote-fraud warm-up for what follows during the dinner event. James O’keefe’s latest investigation.

Ed gives us a recent history of the NH AG’s office and it’s “pursuit” of vote stealers in New Hampshire including all the details they didn’t share with the press (if they even pursued the case) that activists uncovered.

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603 Summit Success!!

We’d like to thank everyone who made the 603 Alliance Liberty Trumps Socialism  Summit a Success. To celebrate that, we’ll be sharing pictures and video of the speakers in the days ahead.

The entire event was live-streamed at GraniteGrok.com.  We will share that video as it becomes available.

While we wait here are a few pictures from an event that featured 20 different speakers.

Dinner Keynote James O’Keefe – Election Fraud in NH

James O'Keefe 603 Summit

Jenny Beth Martin from Tea Party Patriots – The Liberty movement

Jenny Beth Martin TPP

Author – Filmmaker Trevor Loudon on The Enemies Within

Trevor Loudon

Barbara From Harlem on an Exceptional America

Barbara From Harlem

CNHT Chairman Ed Naile – Elections and Vote Fraud

Ed Naile -CNHT Chairman

More to follow…