SAVE THE DATE: Activist Conference & Mike Lindell Dinner (July 24)

Mark the date on your calendar: on July 24th, the 603 Alliance will be hosting an all-day conference for right-of-center activists in New Hampshire.  We’ll be inviting other grassroots groups from around the state to join us for a day of networking, educational sessions, and great speakers. Come join us and get involved with taking back our state and our country!

We’ll also be holding an evening fundraising dinner, featuring Mike Lindell,  the Pillow Guy!

Mike Lindell is best known as the inventor and CEO of MyPillow, but his influence doesn’t stop there. He is now well known as an author, executive producer, crusader, and genuine Patriot dedicated to preserving election integrity in the United States.

Since the 2020 election, Mike Lindell has devoted his efforts to exposing the terrible injustices which occurred. His documentary “Absolute Proof” has already been viewed over 150 million times, and he recently released even more compelling evidence through “Scientific Proof,” a follow-up documentary with additional facts proving the 2020 election was the biggest cyber crime in world history.

Mike Lindell is a dedicated Christian who participates in many philanthropic causes. His amazing online platform the Lindell Recovery Network helps struggling addicts find hope, restoration, and the love of Jesus.

STAY TUNED:  We’re working through the final details with the venue, and we expect tickets to go on sale sometime this week!




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