URGENT: TAKE ACTION to STOP Unconstitutional Judges

Last year, a NH Superior Court judge ruled that “the Governor may suspend or limit Constitutional rights during a state of emergency.” (To read the full court decision, click here.)  It’s disturbing that any judge would issue a legal decision like that, – but what’s even more disturbing is that the person who devised the argument has now been nominated to be a judge on the NH Superior Court!

Here’s the background: NH Solicitor General Daniel Will wrote the Binford Objection.  In that document, he was making a case (on behalf of the executive branch) that Constitutional rights may be suspended.  That ultimately persuaded the NH Superior Court to render that anti-Constitutional decision.  Recently Daniel Will was nominated by Governor Sununu to sit on that same court, making the NH Superior Court an even bigger Constitutional threat.

For a COMPLETE ANALYSIS of Daniel Will’s hearing including his deceptive response to legitimate concerns about his anti-Constitutional stance, click here.

We must prevent Daniel Will from being approved to join the Superior Court, where he could potentially sit for decades, further trashing our Constitutional rights.  The Executive Council will vote this Wednesday on his nomination, so they need to hear from you TODAY (TUESDAY).

Please call and e-mail all five of the executive councilors and tell them we need our judges defending the constitution, not undermining it. Ask them to say “no” to Dan Will’s nomination and urge the governor to find nominees that respect our rights.