Webinar Replay: Critical Race Theory in NH

On Thursday, March 25th, the 603 Alliance hosted a webinar on Critical Race Theory.

Dr. Karlyn Borysenko  gave us an overview of what CRT says and provided examples from around the United States, including some cases in New Hampshire. State Rep. Keith Ammon reviewed House Bill 544,  which aims to prevent CRT from being propagated in taxpayer-funded schools and government agencies.  Lily Tang Williams described her youth in China, growing up in the shadow of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, and described parallels with current trends in the United States.

To learn what you can do to TAKE ACTION and help us get HB544 passed in New Hampshire, check out the video of the webinar below.  We strongly encourage you to share it with friends.

Here is a link to Rep. Bob Lynn’s memo on the constitutionality of HB544.  Rep. Lynn is the former Chief Justice of the NH Supreme Court.

If you’d like to help get HB544 passed, please consider doing the following:

  1. Call or e-mail your STATE REPRESENTATIVES.  Politely ask them to support the state budget with HB544 as part of the budget. (Be sure to let them know that you live in their district!)  Also ask them to support revisions to “Emergency Powers” (HB433) and forgiveness of COVID fines (HB63) as part of the budget
  2. Call or e-mail GOVERNOR SUNUNU.  Ask him to support HB544 which will end taxpayer funding of divisive identity politics
  3. Call or e-mail your STATE SENATORS. Ask them to support HB544 as part of the budget & to oppose public funding of divisive identity politics. Also ask them to support revisions to “Emergency Powers” (HB433 and HB63) as part of the budget
  4. SPREAD THE WORD!!!  Share this information with your friends.