MARCH 18: New Hampshire Election Integrity Update Webinar

Join us on March 18th at 7 PM for another webinar on election integrity issues in New Hampshire. (Register at this link.)

First, we’ll hear a brief update on the situation in Windham, where a recount in the State Rep race revealed that the voting machines under-counted every Republican candidate by almost exactly 300 votes each.  How did this happen?  Learn the latest developments and find out how you can help to ensure that a thorough and transparent investigation is performed.

The main portion of our presentation will feature Ed Naile of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers. Ed has been tracking down election integrity issues in New Hampshire for years, identifying out-of-state campaign workers voting here and large groups of people voting from the same address (including a group that claimed to live at Bear Brook State Park, which was closed at the time of the election!)

This webinar is open to anyone who wishes to attend, but advance registration is required. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.