Economist Dan Mitchell

Cato, The Mises Institute, and The Heritage Foundation (among many others), all benefit from the work of Dan Mitchell. “He has appeared on all the major TV networks and has given speeches in almost 40 states and more than 30 countries.

Dan Mitchell came to speak to our audience on April 13th at the Liberty Trumps Socialsim Summit. Check it out.

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603 Summit: Trevor Loudon and Bishop E.W. Jackson

Trevor Loudon explores the socialist long game in its effort to convert the United States from a Republic (of the Constitutional variety) into another socialist basket-case country.

Trevor exposes connections between groups you probably missed and the agenda you might not want to admit looms large. 

We really are almost always just one election away – and the Left is working hard to make that the next one.

Trevor Loudon

Bishop E.W. Jackson is a Minister, Author, Conservative politician, and one heck of an inspiring speaker – Check it out!