Josh Moore – We Have Lost Our Culture…But we’re Going to Get it Back.

Josh Moore’s Patriot Initiative seeks to get in front of students on college campuses and in High Schools and hold cultural discussions on our values as a nation.

At the 603 Liberty Trumps Socialism Summit Josh took a few brief minutes to explain the problem and the Patriot Initiative’s solution.

It’s a great speech. Give it a listen.

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Alfredo Ortiz from The Job Creators Network Speaks at the Latest 603 Summit


Alfredo Ortiz is the CEO of the Job Creators Network (JCN). The JCN recently made national news with a series of billboards in Time Square pointing out what Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez “activism” has cost New York City.

He joined us at the 603 Alliance at the Liberty Trumps Socialism Summit to talk about JCN, the billboards, and more.

Note: Extra material referred to on the big screens will be added as soon as it’s available.

Part 1

Part 2

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