TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE: Mike Lindell Dinner + RevCon 2021 Conference

The 603 Alliance invites you to join us this summer for a gathering of like-minded grassroots activists. 

On Saturday, July 24th, we’ll be hosting an all-day conference in Manchester, NH for grassroots activists to meet each other, get to know the various organizations doing great work around our state, and learn how to be more effective activists.  

We’re calling this event RevCon 2021:  Reversing Socialism, Reviving Freedom, and Revitalizing our State.  We invite you to think of this as your event, – an opportunity to network, share your ideas, strategize, and plan for meaningful change in 2022 and beyond.

Our conference event will end at 5 PM, and will be followed by an evening dinner event, featuring keynote speaker Mike Lindell. Best known as the inventor and CEO of MyPillow, Mr. Lindell is also an author, executive producer, crusader, and genuine Patriot dedicated to preserving election integrity in the United States.

WHEN: July 24, 2021 (Saturday)
WHERE: Doubletree Hotel, Manchester NH
TIME: 9 AM- 5 PM (all-day conference), followed by Mike Lindell dinner event (5:30 PM reception, 6:30 PM dinner)


  1. All Day Conference (hot lunch included): $30 per person
  2. Dinner Event with Mike Lindell -The Pillow Guy: $75 per person
  3. COMBO (all-day conference + Mike Lindell Dinner):  $100 per person
  4. VIP TIX ARE SOLD OUT. VIP Mike Lindell Dinner + VIP Reception $125 per person

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