The 603 Alliance Endorses Stepanek and Tucker for Re-Election

The Board of Directors of the 603 Alliance unanimously and wholeheartedly endorses Stephen Stepanek and Pamela Tucker as Chairman and Vice-Chairman, respectively, of the New Hampshire State Republican Committee, in the upcoming election on January 23.

Since taking over the helm of the N.H. State GOP in January of 2018, Stepanek and Tucker have worked tirelessly to provide extensive support and leadership, which resulted in the formation of numerous new Town Committees, a smooth operation of the state party’s business, and a record number of candidates recruited for the 2020 elections, despite the hardships presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, a significant new position was established on the Executive Committee, which broadened the communication between the E-Board and the grassroots of the NH-GOP.   Similar action to reach out to all party members resulted in an increase in member participation, despite the necessity for holding many events virtually.  The inclusion of grassroots groups in NH-GOP operations had a very positive effect.

The clear manifestations for the increased efforts by Stepanek and Tucker were obvious in the election results.  New Hampshire was the only state in the entire Country that flipped both the N.H. State House and the State Senate to Republican control.

Another keen indication of the work accomplished by this hard-working team was the record-breaking total of monies raised during the past year to support the Republican candidates and promote the Republican agenda in New Hampshire.

Stepanek and Tucker have been strong supporters of President Trump.  At a time when many of our national Republican leaders have shied away from taking a firm stand against election fraud, our current NHGOP leaders have shown that they are willing to stand on principles and back President Trump.

The 603 Alliance endorses Stepanek and Tucker without reservation and we look forward to another two years of excellent leadership from this stellar team.

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