603 Alliance Endorses Donald Trump for President in 2020

Four years ago the 603 Alliance in New Hampshire began plans to hold an Iowa style caucus of NH voters in October of 2015.  They were concerned with the large Republican field of candidates, the vote would be so split that a moderate could possibly become the nominee. The 603 Alliance caucus would   narrow the field and encourage NH “First in the Nation Primary” voters to coalesce behind the strongest conservative candidate.   Ted Cruz won that caucus and the 603 Alliance endorsed him and worked toward his nomination.  When  he withdrew from the race, the 603 Alliance quickly got behind candidate Donald Trump.

What a difference 4 years make!  This freedom- loving  conservative organization does not believe there needs to be concerns in 2020 of narrowing the field—whoever that field may be.   President Donald Trump has done what few candidates have done, he has kept his word and fulfilled his stated goals.  Some are not yet accomplished ,  not due to his inaction, but by the refusal of the Congress to embrace the goals of his administration.  One need only look at those who sat on their hands as the President outlined the State-of-the-Union.

Every four years voters dream of a candidate who will deliver on  their wishes. The 603 wants a  candidate  who will abide by our Constitution and will nominate judges who decide issues based on the original intent of the people who created our Constitution and our laws.   We want a  candidate to strengthen our military, defend our nation, defeat our enemies, promote American values,  and ensure a growing economy and fair trade agreements.    We need a President who will protect America and Americans from criminals, both foreign and domestic , who will cut spending to balance the budget, and pay down the immoral debt that we are passing on to future generations.    We need a President who will protect our liberties, grow our prosperity, and enable Americans to pursue their individual dreams.

And because we know there are powerful entrenched interests working for their own benefit and against the best interests of most Americans, we need a President who is a fighter. 

President Trump has filled our hopes far beyond what we imagined was possible.

On this date, exactly one year before the NH Presidential Primary, the 603 Alliance wholeheartedly endorses the re-election of President Donald J. Trump in 2020.  We urge organizations and  individuals nationwide to join us in acknowledging the impressive accomplishments and goals set forth so eloquently by  President Trump in his State-of-the- Union Address.

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