It Is Critical To Defeat ‘The Washington Cartel’

In a clear indication that the ‘Washington Cartel’, as Cruz calls it, is an unholy alliance, consider this: Never mind that the eruptions by Cruz, Rubio, and Christie during the second part of the debate created so much heat that the RNC was forced to censure NBC and pull the plug on the next debate, it’s what the RNC did during the break which speaks volumes about the true situation.

Instapundit notes this nugget from Politico’s story on the debate:

CNBC-JEB-Snooze In the middle of the CNBC-hosted GOP debate on Wednesday, RNC chief strategist and spokesman Sean Spicer and chief of staff Katie Walsh approached CNBC officials. According to a source familiar with the encounter, the two had a complaint: Jeb Bush wasn’t getting enough questions.

The same complaint had come from Bush campaign manager Danny Diaz, though Bush spokesperson Tim Miller said he was not aware of the encounter between the RNC officials and CNBC. The source familiar with the encounter said Spicer and Walsh did not bring up any other candidates.

GlennMccoy-20141216-WorkTogether This cartel, consisting of the leadership of BOTH parties is working together just fine – to spend the USA into bankruptcy, and suffocate it with regulations.

Just listen to Cruz excoriate it in this excerpt (Courtesy of Liberty Pen) from his floor speech on the corrupt bipartisan budget deal:

If you prefer Cruz Uncut, here’s the full version….