Newsmax: NH Conservatives Try for Primary Alternative to Jeb Bush coverage of the 603 Alliance:

NH Conservatives Try for Primary Alternative to Jeb Bush
By Elliot Jager
Wednesday,  1 Apr 2015

A coalition of 30 conservative and libertarian organizations in New Hampshire, calling themselves the 603 Alliance, are trying to coalesce behind a single, non-establishment candidate well in advance of the Granite State’s first-in-the-nation primary, Politico reported.

Organizers want to head off a victory by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush or any other perceived GOP moderate.

The activists were twice dispirited by New Hampshire GOP primary outcomes: In 2012, when Mitt Romney was victorious with a 39 percent plurality; and in 2008, when John McCain won with a 38 percent plurality.

But unity among conservatives and libertarians does not insure victory. The state leans liberal, and polls show that GOP primary voters tend to favor abortion rights and same-sex marriage, according to the National Journal.

Also influencing the prospects of a conservative candidate is the state’s open primary system, so that anyone can vote in either party’s primary.

The 603 Alliance will meet on April 19 in Nashua to work out the details of its planned caucus aimed at uniting behind a single candidate — someone like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz or Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, Politico reported.

Organizers of the effort include tea party activist Jack Kimball and libertarians Andrew Hemingway and Aaron Day.

“It’s challenging to get people behind what might be their second- or third-choice candidate,” said Jim Kofalt, a 603 Alliance steering committee member. “That’s always a struggle, but the reality is people can get behind their second choice candidate or they can end up with conservatives being fragmented and ultimately locked out of the process,” Politico reported.

David Hess, a longtime GOP state lawmaker, does not appear worried. “I’m sure it’s destined to failure,” he told Politico.

The 2016 New Hampshire primary is scheduled for Feb. 9.

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