Independence Day Message

Independence Day Message
On this Independence Day, July 4, 2015

On the 4th of July, Americans should make a conscious effort to remember,  and to teach our children, the real reason for the holiday, which is to honor the memory of our founding fathers and mothers who overcame extreme odds and made great personal sacrifices to earn our freedom and independence.

As we enjoy this holiday, take time to reflect on the lessons learned from our nation’s early heroes.  Our focus, as always, needs to be directed toward the future of this great nation — which can only continue in greatness by promoting personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, and individual liberty.

Happy Independence Day, Americans.  Long live the Republic!

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Western Conservative Summit keeps growing in numbers, influence

Western_Conservative_SummitWestern Conservative Summit keeps growing in numbers, influence

By Valerie Richardson
The Colorado Statesman

The Western Conservative Summit keeps getting bigger, more influential and, as far as John Andrews is concerned, better.

Every year, the summit breaks its own attendance record, and this year was no exception. The three-day conservative confab, which wrapped up Sunday at the Colorado Convention Center, is expected to hit nearly 4,000 attendees when the final figures are tallied, or several hundred more than the 3,500 guests who turned out in 2014. Continue reading Western Conservative Summit keeps growing in numbers, influence

Women, Guns, & Concealed Carry

Fran Wendelboe wrote a column in the Concord Monitor last week that has gone viral, with over 14000 online reads.  In the article, she outlines the common-sense argument that gun rights are important to everyone… and that opposition to gun rights is harmful to women.  Senate Bill 116, allowing concealed carry without a permit, passed the Senate along party lines, with a 14-9 vote. The House passed the bill 212 to 150. Governor Hassan has threatened a veto.  Contact Governor Hassan and demand that she stand for the rights of women to defend themselves without prior government permission!

Friday Morning Group Presentation and Photos

There were plenty of great questions from the audience during the Q&A part of the 603 Alliance/CBL presentation at the Friday Morning Group in Lexington, Massachusetts on Friday, June 11, 2015. Jim Kofalt and Andrew Hemingway each gave a stirring presentation on the goals and objectives of the 603 Alliance and CBL and how the Caucus planned for October, 2015 will work. Also in attendance to answer questions from the group was Diane Bitter, and Chuck and Di Lothrop.

Continue reading Friday Morning Group Presentation and Photos