603 Alliance Hosts First Training Seminar

603 Alliance Training Seminar
Enthusiasm was high at the first Training Seminar of the 603 Alliance held in Concord on June 27, 2015.  A packed room of interested participants gathered to hear how they could join the 603 Alliance Steering Committee to ensure their goals come to fruition. (See attached photos.)

After some socializing over coffee and breakfast goodies, the team got to work, explaining the genesis of the 603 Alliance, and the sister-organization, the Conservative Business League of New Hampshire.

Steering Committee members were on hand to lead the discussions.  Diane Bitter moderated the Seminar, directing each of the participants in introductions.  The gathered group agreed with Jim Kofalt and Fran Wendelboe as they explained the need for the establishment of the 603 Alliance.  Other Steering Committee members who contributed to the Seminar were Mar Mar Rogers, Sylvia Smith, Steve MacDonald, and Mike Rogers.

All participants were eager to support the mission, and during the second half of the Seminar, the group broke into several break-out groups, each person selecting the area that interested them the most.  The choices included Social Media, Fundraising, Checking in Voters at the Caucus, writing letters-to-the-editor, recruitment, and security at events.  As is typical of all gatherings of Grassroots Leaders, there were interested people in each of these break-out groups.

A factor of Seminars is that both the participants AND the presenters can benefit.  And one such informational piece did come out of the discussions.  It was discovered that some of the participants had come in with the understanding that the 603 Alliance is funded by some “behind the scenes” group.  Where this rumor originated or who the mysterious “funder” was, no one knew.  However, this misconception was dispelled by the fact that, to date, all of the funding for 603 Alliance work has come from donations from the Steering Committee and from individual donors.

Based on the great success of this Seminar, the 603 Alliance is planning a second Training Seminar to be held on a week night, to accommodate those unable to come to a Saturday event.  The date and place will be announced as soon as it is confirmed.

If you wish to be on the list to be invited to this seminar, please email us at 603alliance@gmail.com.

Submitted by Diane Bitter
Photos courtesy of Linwood Wickett

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