Concerned Parents Should be Heard, not Silenced

Democrat appeals for the resignation of Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut would be laughable if not for the fact that they so perfectly typify the corrosive political climate that currently exists in our nation. In today’s America, parents’ legitimate concern for their children’s education constitutes a terrorist threat, freedom of choice is anathema, and conformity to the approved narrative is increasingly being enforced through big tech censorship, character assassination, and even police action.

Last Sunday, Commissioner Edelblut spoke to a group of concerned parents and grandparents at an informational event hosted by the Government Integrity Project (GIP).  Organizers described the event as “Empowering Parents & Taxpayers.” In addition to Commissioner Edelblut, the roster of speakers included a State Senator and at least three State Representatives, including the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Education Committee.

Democrats have responded with a flurry of attacks against Commissioner Edelblut, and are now demanding access to any documents that pertain to his presentation. Ostensibly, Democrats are taking issue with the GIP’s opposition to mask mandates in public schools, and their opposition to vaccine mandates, – positions that have led Democrats to characterize GIP as “a fringe group” that allegedly supports “anti-government actions”.

Interestingly, no one has elaborated on exactly which “anti-government actions” GIP has engaged in. News coverage cites GIP’s stated opposition to the $27 million federal grant, which would have compelled the State of New Hampshire to “comply with existing and/or future directives and guidance from the Secretary [of HHS] regarding control of the spread of COVID-19”. Given the Biden administration’s recent heavy-handed pronouncements with respect to vaccine mandates, it’s no surprise that opposition to the grant (with yet-to-be-determined strings attached) has been vigorous and widespread.

GIP holds that masks should be optional in schools, and that parents should decide what’s best for their own children. This isn’t a fringe position at all; in fact, it seems to be the majority opinion these days. Governor Sununu agrees; in August, he said “Listen to the individuals. This can’t be a top-down, government, one-size-fits-all. Washington tries that. They stink at it.” Does that make Chris Sununu a fringe anti-government extremist? Hardly.

Nor is GIP a “fringe group”; but unfortunately this is the world we live in today.  Citizen involvement seems to only be welcome when it doesn’t challenge the agenda promoted by big labor, big business and big government special interests.  The Democrats’ response?  Issue a statement of condemnation, call for the Commissioner’s resignation, and sprinkle in words like “fringe” and “extremist” for good measure.

Democrats and their union sponsors in big labor are working hard to limit citizens’ participation in public education. As parents’ and grandparents’ voices are being silenced, Commissioner Edelblut is championing open, constructive participation in the civic arena.  New Hampshire should be careful not to follow the same path that Merrick Garland’s DOJ, Loudon County Virginia, and others around the country have taken; nor should we bow to the Democrats’ demands to silence open dialogue.

Saturday: March for Medical Freedom

Join Health Freedom New Hampshire this Saturday, OCTOBER 2nd for a march to support medical freedom and push back against medical mandates and coercion. Bring the family! All ages are welcome.

[RAIN DATE: SUNDAY 10.3 — same program]


12:00 PM… Meet up at the State Library 20 Park St. Concord
12:45… Arrive at the State House 107 North Main St, Concord, NH
1:00 PM… Musical performance and guest speakers

March: Welcome patriots, groups, banners, signs, and costumes to exercise freedom and peacefully protest. It’s approximately a half mile loop that starts at the State Library on Park Street, (NOT Concord library). Group affinities may be organizing themes to display (perhaps wearing work uniforms or similar sign messaging). There will be limited signs to share (so please consider bringing a sign).

Rally: The rally at the State House will include a powerful performance and speakers. At least one food vendor will be available. There will be a tent for children including bubbles/face painting/making their own protest signs.

Parking: This link provides a map for street meter parking ($1/hour) and there are municipal parking garages (50 cents/hour) on State St, School St., and Storrs Street. PayByPhone app may be helpful Concord City Parking.

This Saturday: Freedomworks “Building Education for Students Together”

Calling all group leaders, parents, and leaders in education in New Hampshire!

Join BEST and FreedomWorks for a day filled with practical training from the BEST team, education on issues such as CRT, School Board Transparency, and Education Legislation from expert panels, and motivation and empowerment from parents and community leaders!

This event is FREE, but SPACE IS LIMITED and pre-registration is required. Breakfast and Lunch will be included with your ticket.


RevCon 2021 and Lindell Dinner Recap

MIke Lindell speaking at 603 Alliance dinner

The 603 Alliance hosted two big events back to back on Saturday.  RevCon 2021, geared towards training and directing new activists, lived up to its goals. Hundreds of people arrived in Manchester from NH, and even a few of the surrounding states to get plugged in.

This event provided a great opportunity for like-minded people to come together, network, and learn how to be more effective as activists.  Our day included a series of talks and interactive sessions at which subject matter experts provided tools and details to attendees on a wide range of subjects.

Our pre-lunch speaker was author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon, and the closing conference keynote was given by entrepreneur Dan Richards, who took on the proponents of Critical Race Theory at SAU70 in Hanover, New Hampshire. Both were powerful speakers and well worth your time. (See below for video links.)

We finished the day with a buffet dinner and a rousing speech from Mike Lindell, founder & CEO of My Pillow.  Mike was excited to be there and to share his story, his passion, and all the data from the November 2020 election he’s collected.

THANKS to everyone who attended, to all of our presenters, volunteers, and to Fran Wendelboe & Diane Bitter, who did most of the work planning & managing the event.  Thanks also to all of our sponsors, including the NH Advantage PAC,, Jenny Wilson, Don Ewing, and others who supported this effort (including sound-man extraordinaire John Irish).

Thanks also to  the good people over at Granite Grok, we have a video of everything! Grok will be publishing the video over the next few days (or weeks?).  Check it out HERE.


TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE: Mike Lindell Dinner + RevCon 2021 Conference

The 603 Alliance invites you to join us this summer for a gathering of like-minded grassroots activists. 

On Saturday, July 24th, we’ll be hosting an all-day conference in Manchester, NH for grassroots activists to meet each other, get to know the various organizations doing great work around our state, and learn how to be more effective activists.  

We’re calling this event RevCon 2021:  Reversing Socialism, Reviving Freedom, and Revitalizing our State.  We invite you to think of this as your event, – an opportunity to network, share your ideas, strategize, and plan for meaningful change in 2022 and beyond.

Our conference event will end at 5 PM, and will be followed by an evening dinner event, featuring keynote speaker Mike Lindell. Best known as the inventor and CEO of MyPillow, Mr. Lindell is also an author, executive producer, crusader, and genuine Patriot dedicated to preserving election integrity in the United States.

WHEN: July 24, 2021 (Saturday)
WHERE: Doubletree Hotel, Manchester NH
TIME: 9 AM- 5 PM (all-day conference), followed by Mike Lindell dinner event (5:30 PM reception, 6:30 PM dinner)


  1. All Day Conference (hot lunch included): $30 per person
  2. Dinner Event with Mike Lindell -The Pillow Guy: $75 per person
  3. COMBO (all-day conference + Mike Lindell Dinner):  $100 per person
  4. VIP TIX ARE SOLD OUT. VIP Mike Lindell Dinner + VIP Reception $125 per person

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