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A Note on Endorsements…

You may have seen some recent news about endorsements by 603 Alliance board members in the 2022 race for New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District.  We’d like to clarify our organization’s position with respect to endorsements, as we suspect that our conflicting endorsements in this particular race may invite some unwarranted speculation.

The 603 Alliance is guided by our mission of restoring Constitutional principles at all levels of government.  We share a common philosophy about what it means to participate in the process and how we can support each other in being effective in fulfilling that mission.

Having said that, we don’t necessarily share a monolithic worldview.  In the past, the we have on occasion issued endorsements as an organization. When we do so, our Board takes a formal vote, which is generally preceded by careful deliberation and discussion. In those cases, we are very clear that such endorsements come from the 603 Alliance.

For other races, however, we prefer to remain neutral as an organization. In that event, we generally opt to release board members to make their own personal endorsements.  This has been the case for the 2022 CD1 race.

As a result, board members Diane Bitter and Fran Wendelboe have chosen to endorse Matt Mowers; whereas Jim Kofalt has opted to endorse Karoline Leavitt.  Additional endorsements may be forthcoming from other board members.  Although our affiliation with 603 Alliance may be cited when an endorsement is announced, the endorsements we’re making in the CD1 race are personal opinions and should not be interpreted as an endorsement by the 603 Alliance as an organization.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at

Call for Candidates: Run for your Local School Board!

If you’re concerned about the decline in academic standards, the harm done by shutdowns and mandatory masking, and the politicization of our public schools, please consider running for School Board in your district.  We need to take back control of our schools and renew their focus to academic achievement.

The 603 Alliance is here to help, offering free campaign training and guidance to qualified candidates.  NOW IS THE TIME TO GET STARTED.  Our first training session will take place on Saturday, December 18th.  Please e-mail to let us know you’re interested.

If you want to know more about the role of a School Board member, what’s involved, and how you can get started, please check out our recorded webinar from last month.

Webinar Replay: Running for School Board in NH

The replay of Thursday’s webinar is now available.

If you’re concerned about the poor quality of education in your local schools, if you oppose mandatory masking or disagree with “woke” indoctrination, or if you’re simply looking to get spending under control; then you may want to consider running for school board.

On Thursday, November 18th, the 603 Alliance hosted an informational webinar about running for school board in New Hampshire.  In it, we covered:

  • How local school boards function in NH and how you can get involved
  • The duties and time commitment required to be school board member
  • What to do NOW if you think you might want to run for school board
  • How to get training and support if you decide to run

Copy and paste the direct YouTube link:, or watch the video below:


TAKE ACTION: Did the EC Just Commit Us to Vax Mandates???

For anyone concerned with a lack of transparency in government, last week’s Executive Council meeting should have set off some very, very loud alarms. The 603 Alliance is encouraging you to take action, as outlined toward the end of this article. But first, some background information:

On Wednesday November 10th, the Governor added a late-breaking item to the Executive Council agenda, calling for the acceptance of $22.5 million in CDC funds to be used for hiring 13 new DHHS employees to promote COVID vaccines. In fact, the Executive Council had already voted to reject the grant… twice.

The manner in which this was brought for a third vote is deeply concerning, and members of the Executive Council owe the people of New Hampshire an explanation.

In case you’re just coming up to speed on this issue, here’s the synopsis:

This federal grant comes with some major strings attached. Grants are generally issued in the form of a legally binding contract. In this case, the grant contract calls for the State of New Hampshire to “comply with existing and/or future directives and guidance from the Secretary regarding control of the spread of COVID-19.” In other words, the acceptance of this money obligates the state to do whatever the US DHHS tells us to do with respect to COVID 19, now or at any point in the future. It’s a blank check; we don’t even know yet what we are committing to.

The Executive Council has previously voted twice to reject this federal COVID money. After the first failed attempt, NH Attorney General John Formella issued a statement assuring all concerned that the grant in fact “does not bind the State to any broad and sweeping federal mandates.” That opinion is plainly contradicted by the language in the contract itself, as cited above. Nevertheless, the Executive Council voted a second time to reject the funds on October 13th. That meeting was notable for the fact that nine members of the public, all of whom appeared to be sitting quietly in their seats, were arrested for allegedly disrupting the meeting.

On November 10th, the Executive Council took a third vote, this time accepting the grant. That acceptance was paired with a non-binding resolution aimed at assuring the public that if the feds do anything we don’t like, we’ll challenge them in court; and that if we subsequently lose in court, the Governor and Executive Council will simply return the grant money (which will already have been spent) to the CDC.

The public was never notified of the upcoming vote taking place at the November 10th meeting. It did not appear as an agenda item, or even as a “late agenda” item. It was added at the last minute, without notice to the public.

Following these events, we believe it’s important to have some answers. Specifically:

  1. What is the proper legal procedure for adding an agenda item to the Executive Council agenda after the initial agenda has been published?
  2. Was that legal procedure followed?
  3. Has there ever been an instance in the past in which an agenda item was added in this way, without any prior notice to the public?
  4. In the face of contractual language that compels the state to “comply with existing and/or future directives and guidance from the Secretary regarding control of the spread of COVID-19,” how would the resolution passed on November 10th empower the State of NH to do otherwise?


STEP 1: Contact members of the Executive Council and politely and respectfully ask for clear answers to the four questions above. Their contact information is here. If you get a response, we encourage you to send a copy to us at

STEP 2: This contract still needs to be approved by the Joint Fiscal Committee. Contact them today to voice your opposition to the federal COVID grant. Their next meeting is this Friday, Nov. 19, 2021 at 10:00 AM.

STEP 3: If you can attend Friday’s hearing of the Joint Fiscal Committee, please do so. We would like to see a packed room at the State House for that hearing. Be there if you can. (Tentative location is Room 210-211 of the Legislative Office Building.)

WEBINAR NOV 18th: Running for School Board in NH

We the People have a critical role to play in our children’s education.  If you’re concerned about the poor quality of education in your local schools, if you oppose mandatory masking or disagree with “woke” indoctrination, or if you’re simply looking to get spending under control; then you may want to consider running for school board.

On Thursday, November 18th at 7:00 PM, the 603 Alliance will host a FREE informational webinar about running for school board in New Hampshire. By attending this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How local school boards function in NH and how you can get involved
  • The duties and time commitment required to be a school board member
  • What to do NOW if you think you might want to run for school board
  • How to get training and support if you decide to run
  • Ways that you can help out (even if you decide not to run)
Please JOIN US for this very important event.
Pre-registration is required.
Please register early: last-minute registrants may not be able to attend.


JOIN US in Welcoming Jerry DeLemus Home

As additional facts emerge about the January 6th events at the US Capitol, it’s becoming clear to many of us that in today’s America, federal law enforcement is sometimes used as a tool in silencing political opposition.

In 2014, Jerry DeLemus saw what was happening to the Bundy family in Nevada following a long-standing dispute in which federal officials sought to displace local ranchers, including the Bundys. Jerry traveled to Nevada to stand with the ranchers, and is often credited with helping to keep the peace amid a very tense situation.

As a result of his presence at Bunkerville, Jerry DeLemus was accused of crimes he did not commit. When authorities threatened to file charges against his son and best friend (who was dying of cancer), Jerry agreed to plead guilty in order to protect them.

Shortly after the plea deal, Jerry changed his mind, but the judge refused his request to withdraw his plea – although she knew at the time that the fabricated charges against all other defendants in the case were destined to be dismissed: Cliven Bundy standoff case thrown out in another stunning blow to the government.

You can read more about Jerry’s story here, as written by Jack Kimball, former NH GOP Chairman.

A “Welcome Home, Jerry” motorcade is planned for tomorrow morning (NOVEMBER 9th) to escort Jerry from FMC Devens, MA back to New Hampshire. You can join the motorcade in one of three places:

  • 4 Ryans Way, Devens, MA no later than 8:00 AM (in front of Bandoleros Restaurant)
  • At the Route 95N NH Welcome Center no later than 8:30 AM
  • Rochester Home Depot parking lot no later than 10:00 AM.

Other ways to participate:

  • Place “Welcome Home, Jerry”, NH Marine or NH Patriot signs along with American & Marine Corps Flags on your vehicles.
  • Place signs and flags on Route 95N overpasses from the NH Welcome Center in Seabrook all the way to Route 16N to Rochester, NH; and along the road near the entrance to the Rochester Home Depot parking lot.

You can also help welcome Jerry home by generously donating here. Six years is a long time for a family to go without their primary source of income.

Please call Jack Kimball with any questions or offers to help: 603-235-2862

We respectfully request no open-carry firearms if you are planning to participate.

Concerned Parents Should be Heard, not Silenced

Democrat appeals for the resignation of Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut would be laughable if not for the fact that they so perfectly typify the corrosive political climate that currently exists in our nation. In today’s America, parents’ legitimate concern for their children’s education constitutes a terrorist threat, freedom of choice is anathema, and conformity to the approved narrative is increasingly being enforced through big tech censorship, character assassination, and even police action.

Last Sunday, Commissioner Edelblut spoke to a group of concerned parents and grandparents at an informational event hosted by the Government Integrity Project (GIP).  Organizers described the event as “Empowering Parents & Taxpayers.” In addition to Commissioner Edelblut, the roster of speakers included a State Senator and at least three State Representatives, including the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Education Committee.

Democrats have responded with a flurry of attacks against Commissioner Edelblut, and are now demanding access to any documents that pertain to his presentation. Ostensibly, Democrats are taking issue with the GIP’s opposition to mask mandates in public schools, and their opposition to vaccine mandates, – positions that have led Democrats to characterize GIP as “a fringe group” that allegedly supports “anti-government actions”.

Interestingly, no one has elaborated on exactly which “anti-government actions” GIP has engaged in. News coverage cites GIP’s stated opposition to the $27 million federal grant, which would have compelled the State of New Hampshire to “comply with existing and/or future directives and guidance from the Secretary [of HHS] regarding control of the spread of COVID-19”. Given the Biden administration’s recent heavy-handed pronouncements with respect to vaccine mandates, it’s no surprise that opposition to the grant (with yet-to-be-determined strings attached) has been vigorous and widespread.

GIP holds that masks should be optional in schools, and that parents should decide what’s best for their own children. This isn’t a fringe position at all; in fact, it seems to be the majority opinion these days. Governor Sununu agrees; in August, he said “Listen to the individuals. This can’t be a top-down, government, one-size-fits-all. Washington tries that. They stink at it.” Does that make Chris Sununu a fringe anti-government extremist? Hardly.

Nor is GIP a “fringe group”; but unfortunately this is the world we live in today.  Citizen involvement seems to only be welcome when it doesn’t challenge the agenda promoted by big labor, big business and big government special interests.  The Democrats’ response?  Issue a statement of condemnation, call for the Commissioner’s resignation, and sprinkle in words like “fringe” and “extremist” for good measure.

Democrats and their union sponsors in big labor are working hard to limit citizens’ participation in public education. As parents’ and grandparents’ voices are being silenced, Commissioner Edelblut is championing open, constructive participation in the civic arena.  New Hampshire should be careful not to follow the same path that Merrick Garland’s DOJ, Loudon County Virginia, and others around the country have taken; nor should we bow to the Democrats’ demands to silence open dialogue.