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Issues Briefing Summit – Government Overreach

Our next speaker from The 603 Alliance Issues Briefing Summit is Jim Kofalt. Jim’s topic is government overreach with a focus on Federal land acquisition and the EPA’s MS4 permitting process.

Both present significant problems for property rights and property taxes. Everyone in New Hampshire, whether citizen or citizen legislator needs to understand what they are and the impact these Federal efforts will have in the Granite State.

Issues Briefing Summit – Life & Religious Liberty

The 603 Alliance Issues Briefing Summit provided new candidates for the NH House with information about legislation and key issues to keep them well-informed on the campaign trail. If you missed the event we’ll be posting each speaker’s presentation over the next few days.

We begin with Jane Cormier from New Hampshire Right to Life. Jane spoke on the issues of Life and Religious Liberty.

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Women, Guns, & Concealed Carry

Fran Wendelboe wrote a column in the Concord Monitor last week that has gone viral, with over 14000 online reads.  In the article, she outlines the common-sense argument that gun rights are important to everyone… and that opposition to gun rights is harmful to women.  Senate Bill 116, allowing concealed carry without a permit, passed the Senate along party lines, with a 14-9 vote. The House passed the bill 212 to 150. Governor Hassan has threatened a veto.  Contact Governor Hassan and demand that she stand for the rights of women to defend themselves without prior government permission!