WEBINAR this THURSDAY – Election Integrity in NH: What Happened in Windham? (…and what can we do about it?)

Questions regarding election irregularities in the swing states have raised concerns with many Americans. But NH officials have remained steadfast in their convictions the state’s elections were safe and accurate. Those statements have come under tremendous scrutiny.

The recount results of the Windham State Rep race were off by nearly 10% from election night. That represents the largest unexplained discrepancy in the history of New Hampshire.

National news outlets are starting to pay attention. Why aren’t New Hampshire officials interested in getting to the bottom of this? More importantly, what can ordinary citizens like us do about it?

Join us this Thursday at 7 PM for a free online webcast about the Windham NH Voting-Machine Scandal

In this webinar, we will hear from some of the citizen-activists who have been digging into voting irregularities of November 2020 in Windham.

What do we know about the Windham election irregularities so far?
Why isn’t the NH AG’s office doing an investigation?
What can we do about it?

Confirmed speakers include Ken Eyring, Tom Murray, and NH State Senator Bob Giuda.

If you care about election integrity and you want a full investigation, we urge you to attend this event and share it with friends.

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