Thursday April 30th: Coronavirus Policy Briefing

The 603 Alliance team has been busy for the past month, holding a series of online candidate training events. Our efforts to win back the NH House of Representatives with Constitutional Conservatives began on March 26, 2020 with an online training session attended by about 80 people.  Subsequent sessions continued weekly, each session proving additional information.  Republican candidates, and people considering becoming Republican candidates, who wish to attend should email us at to request our candidate survey.

Our training sessions aim to address all the questions candidates have and offer helpful tips and contacts for running their campaigns.  Topics have included the requirements for being candidate, running a campaign, raising funds, organizing volunteers, contacting and influencing voters, and time requirements as a State Representative.  Our last training session answered many questions that candidates submitted.

We’ve been blessed with having several experts supplement our 603 Alliance board members in these sessions.   We thank NH GOP Vice-Chair Pam Tucker, former State Representative JR Hoell, internet expert Jon DiPietro, first time State Representative Tony Lekas, and former House Speaker Bill O’Brien for their valuable contributions to our training sessions.

Our next online session on April 30 at 6 PM will provide information to help candidates address questions about the coronavirus, including New Hampshire’s and the Federal Government’s response to it.  This session is open to all NH GOP State Rep candidates.

Any registered Republican may attend this session.  However, you must register in advance, and attendance is limited.