September Primary Results

The 603 Alliance believes we made a difference in the September, 2018 Republican Primary. The 603 Alliance has held multiple candidate trainings, provided mentors to selected candidates, and provided updates and educational materials to candidates throughout the primary process. In addition, our PAC placed ads to help more conservative candidates replace incumbents with bad voting records. Seventeen of the 25 first time GOP Primary candidates endorsed by the 603 Alliance won their primaries; that is a 68% success rate. Of the GOP first time candidates without our endorsement, only 24 of 59 candidates, 40.7%, won their primaries.

We are learning from our first time effort, and with your continued support we expect to improve our ability to help more good conservatives win future primaries.

The 603 Alliance thanks all GOP primary candidates for their efforts. We encourage the primary candidates who didn’t win this time to stay involved and to help ensure GOP success in November.

The 603 Alliance would like to thank the people who contributed their time and/or money to help good conservatives win their primary races.

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