Save the Date: 603 Alliance Candidate Training March 21-22, 2020

Calling all Candidates…

The 603 Alliance will be holding our first 2020 Candidate Training on Saturday and Sunday, March 21st and 22nd in Manchester, NH.

The 603 Alliance provides training and ongoing support for candidates who are committed to limited government and fidelity to the US and NH Constitutions.

Our 2018 trainings received consistently positive reviews from the candidates who attended. 

First-time candidates who worked with the 603 Alliance in 2018 had a 32% higher win-rate.

Are you planning to run for State Representative this year?
Are you working with candidates who need training & support?

Save the dates: March 21st and 22nd

Contact us at to register and learn more.

Radio Row Recap

Thanks to everyone who made our “Radio Row” event successful.  Special credit goes to Skip and Steve from GraniteGrok, and our good friend John Irish, whose technical expertise has been extraordinarily valuable to us on several occasions.  (If you need a quality audio/visual company, John has earned a high recommendation from us!)

We’ll be working with the folks at GraniteGrok to release the content over the coming days and weeks.  There’s a lot of good material there… stay tuned!

Jim Kofalt Joins Bishop EW Jackson on American Family Radio

On February 10th and 11th, Bishop E.W. Jackson joined the 603 Alliance on Radio Row for New Hampshire’s First-in-the-Nation Primary.  Bishop Jackson hosted his daily radio show “The Awakening” from the 603 Alliance/GraniteGrok booth.  Bishop Jackson’s show is broadcast to over 180 member stations throughout the United States viathe American Family Radio network.  Tuesday’s broadcast featured an interview with Jim Kofalt of the 603 Alliance.  Listen to the full show here.

This Weekend: Join our LIVESTREAM from Radio Row

The 603 Alliance & GraniteGrok are teaming up to livestream four days of interviews and updates from the heart of the New Hampshire Primary.  We’ll be on Radio Row, camping out in the middle of the mainstream-media party.

JOIN US this weekend on the livestream at

We’ll be starting at 10 AM on Saturday morning and continuing through 9 PM.  On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday we start at 9 AM and we’ll be livestreaming all day.  Guests include James O’Keefe, Jenny Beth Martin, Bill O’Brien, Brigitte Gabriel, Michael Rechtenwald, and many more.

Congratulations Chris Ager

At yesterday’s NHGOP Annual Meeting, Chris Ager won the election for RNC Committeeman, defeating Steve Duprey.  (The 603 Alliance had endorsed Ager.)  Steve Duprey showed a lot of class when he offered to step down immediately to assist Ager in transitioning to the role as quickly as possible.  Both candidates had promised to come together and work in the interests of the party.  Duprey has shown that he is prepared to deliver on that promise.

Congratulations to Chris, and thanks to Steve Duprey for his service to the GOP.

The 603 Alliance Endorses Chris Ager for RNC Committeeman

Today, the Board of the 603 Alliance released the following endorsement statement in support of Chris Ager for RNC Committeeman:

On January 25th, members of the NH State Republican Committee will elect our next RNC Committeeman. The 603 Alliance is endorsing Chris Ager as the candidate who we believe will best represent the interests of our state and uphold the principles expressed in our party platform.

For years, many of us have worked side-by-side with Chris Ager. Throughout his tenure as Chair of the Hillsborough County Committee (HCRC), Chris has demonstrated leadership initiative on multiple fronts: strong fundraising numbers, innovative ideas, and a highly energized committee that we believe will deliver positive results for the GOP ticket in 2020.

Chris has proven himself to be a strong team player who regularly invokes Ronald Reagan’s calls for unity. At the same time, he has exemplified Reagan’s comments that the GOP should be a party of “bold colors, not pale pastels”. Ager has championed free market capitalism, low taxes and spending, the 2nd Amendment, the sanctity of life, and school choice.

Incumbent Steve Duprey, in contrast, has been an active supporter of Planned Parenthood, which not only promotes practices repugnant to most GOP voters, but also spends millions in support of Democrat candidates and in opposition to Republicans. More recently, Duprey’s business has supported net-metering policies that would force New Hampshire ratepayers to pay more for electricity.

As a West Point graduate with a highly successful career at BAE Systems, Chris has what it takes to perform well in this role. Most importantly, Chris has consistently shown up when it counts.

We were disappointed to see Steve Duprey’s attendance record at meetings of the NHGOP Executive Board. Of the eighteen meetings held in 2017 and 2018, Duprey attended fewer than half.

We respect Mr. Duprey and appreciate his years of service in this role. But we also believe that fidelity to Republican principles is important, and that a proven commitment to hard work and grassroots activism distinguishes Chris Ager. For these reasons, the 603 Alliance urges our State Committee members to vote for Chris Ager to be our next New Hampshire RNC Committeeman.

603 Alliance Helps Ted Cruz Fundraisers for Bill O’Brien

On October 25th, Ted Cruz was in New England to do 2 fundraisers on behalf of Bill O’Brien, whom he has endorsed for the US Senate race against Jeanne Shaheen.  603 Alliance Board Members Fran Wendelboe and Diane Bitter put their event-management skills to good use, helping with a breakfast in Manchester, followed by a luncheon event in Boston.  Pictured with Senator Cruz are 603 Alliance Board Members Fran Wendelboe, Diane Bitter, and Jim Kofalt.

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