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More Speakers Confirmed for the Liberty Trumps Socialism Summit

We are pleased to announced the second round of confirmed speakers for our “Liberty Trumps Socialism” summit on April 13th.  (Get your tickets here.)

Last week we announced that Jenny Beth Martin, James O’Keefe, Trevor Loudon, Alfredo Ortiz, and Jim Simpson would be speaking at the event.  Today we can also confirm:

Ann Marie Banfield – long-time New Hampshire education activist and former Education Liaison for Cornerstone.

Matt Brasseux – Director of Evangelical Engagement at Republican National Committee.

Yvonne Dean-Bailey – former NH State Representative and conservative activist.

Jonathan Hanen – Field Representative for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)

Steve MacDonald – Editor and Blogger at

Dan Mitchell – libertarian economist and former senior fellow at the Cato Institute.

Bill O’Brien – former Speaker of the New Hampshire house and co-founder of Liberty Tree Consulting & Strategies.

Steve Stepanek – former NH State Representative, co-chair of the 2016 Trump for President campaign, and current Chair of the NH GOP.

We will also feature video messages from US Senator Ted Cruz and Nick Adams, founder of Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness.

Get your tickets now… and stay tuned, as additional speakers will be announced on our website as they are confirmed.

First Round of Confirmed Speakers

We are excited to announce the first wave of the speakers who will be joining us at the 603 Alliance “Liberty Trumps Socialism” Summit on April 13th at the Marriott Courtyard Nashua.

The daytime event will run from 11:00 AM to 4:30 PM (doors open at 10 AM), and will feature a number of nationally and locally known speakers.  The following is partial list of the many great speakers that we’ll be hearing from:

James O’Keefe, investigative journalist and founder of Project Veritas




Jenny Beth Martin. co-founder and national coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots, and  columnist for The Washington Times



Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of the Job Creators Network




Trevor Loudon, filmmaker, blogger, and author of The Enemies Within and other works.




Jim Simpson, Investigative Journalist, Author of The Red-Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration, and the Agenda to Erase America.


These are just a few of the speakers who will be joining us on April 13th.  Stay tuned as we prepare to announce more great speakers!

Click the button below to get your tickets.

Summit Tickets Now Available

Tickets are now available for our Liberty Trumps Socialism summit on April 13th at the Marriott Courtyard in Nashua. We are continuing to work on the agenda, which will include a list of local and nationally recognized speakers. If you are interested in reserving a seat right away, please click here to visit the EVENT REGISTRATION PAGE.Tickets for the daytime event (11 AM to 4 PM) are just $40, and include a hot buffet lunch.  Tickets for the dinner event are $100 each.  A combination ticket (daytime event + dinner event) are $125.  A limited number of VIP Tickets are also available (Includes private reception with the Keynote Speaker.)

If you would like to purchase VIP Tickets, or if you are interested in sponsoring a table, please contact Diane Bitter at 603-498-4232 or via e-mail at


603 Alliance Endorses Donald Trump for President in 2020

Four years ago the 603 Alliance in New Hampshire began plans to hold an Iowa style caucus of NH voters in October of 2015.  They were concerned with the large Republican field of candidates, the vote would be so split that a moderate could possibly become the nominee. The 603 Alliance caucus would   narrow the field and encourage NH “First in the Nation Primary” voters to coalesce behind the strongest conservative candidate.   Ted Cruz won that caucus and the 603 Alliance endorsed him and worked toward his nomination.  When  he withdrew from the race, the 603 Alliance quickly got behind candidate Donald Trump.

What a difference 4 years make!  This freedom- loving  conservative organization does not believe there needs to be concerns in 2020 of narrowing the field—whoever that field may be.   President Donald Trump has done what few candidates have done, he has kept his word and fulfilled his stated goals.  Some are not yet accomplished ,  not due to his inaction, but by the refusal of the Congress to embrace the goals of his administration.  One need only look at those who sat on their hands as the President outlined the State-of-the-Union.

Every four years voters dream of a candidate who will deliver on  their wishes. The 603 wants a  candidate  who will abide by our Constitution and will nominate judges who decide issues based on the original intent of the people who created our Constitution and our laws.   We want a  candidate to strengthen our military, defend our nation, defeat our enemies, promote American values,  and ensure a growing economy and fair trade agreements.    We need a President who will protect America and Americans from criminals, both foreign and domestic , who will cut spending to balance the budget, and pay down the immoral debt that we are passing on to future generations.    We need a President who will protect our liberties, grow our prosperity, and enable Americans to pursue their individual dreams.

And because we know there are powerful entrenched interests working for their own benefit and against the best interests of most Americans, we need a President who is a fighter. 

President Trump has filled our hopes far beyond what we imagined was possible.

On this date, exactly one year before the NH Presidential Primary, the 603 Alliance wholeheartedly endorses the re-election of President Donald J. Trump in 2020.  We urge organizations and  individuals nationwide to join us in acknowledging the impressive accomplishments and goals set forth so eloquently by  President Trump in his State-of-the- Union Address.

2018 Election Recap

The 603 Alliance has been very busy in 2018 working to find, train, and elect Conservatives to the NH House. We received very positive feedback from candidates about our campaign training and mentoring, our issues education, and our seminar on what to expect in the new legislative session.  Based on an analysis of the election results, our efforts have helped elect more conservative NH State Representatives. Thirty-eight percent of our endorsed first-time state representative candidates won their elections, versus a 27% success rate for first-time non-endorsed candidates.

Unfortunately, however, there was a “blue wave” in New Hampshire. Democrats took over the House, Senate, and Executive Council and will work to undo the Republican achievements of the last two years.  The 603 Alliance will be encouraging Governor Sununu to veto Democrat attempts to limit our freedoms, harm our economic growth, create new taxes, or substantially expand government.

We wish to thank all candidates for their efforts and encourage those who didn’t win this time to stay active to prepare to run again and win in 2020. It is essential that Republicans are victorious in 2020, not only to put our state and country back on track to greater freedom, security, and prosperity; but to avoid gerrymandering by Democrats that would lock New Hampshire Republicans out of office for at least the next decade.  Stay tuned for more information as we plan our activities to achieve victory in 2020.

We want to thank the many people who have helped by contributing their time, expertise, and money. Your continued assistance will help us use the experience we gained in 2018 to be even more effective in ensuring success in 2020.

September Primary Results

The 603 Alliance believes we made a difference in the September, 2018 Republican Primary. The 603 Alliance has held multiple candidate trainings, provided mentors to selected candidates, and provided updates and educational materials to candidates throughout the primary process. In addition, our PAC placed ads to help more conservative candidates replace incumbents with bad voting records. Seventeen of the 25 first time GOP Primary candidates endorsed by the 603 Alliance won their primaries; that is a 68% success rate. Of the GOP first time candidates without our endorsement, only 24 of 59 candidates, 40.7%, won their primaries.

We are learning from our first time effort, and with your continued support we expect to improve our ability to help more good conservatives win future primaries.

The 603 Alliance thanks all GOP primary candidates for their efforts. We encourage the primary candidates who didn’t win this time to stay involved and to help ensure GOP success in November.

The 603 Alliance would like to thank the people who contributed their time and/or money to help good conservatives win their primary races.