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603 Alliance Endorses Bill O’Brien for US Senate

Today, the 603 Alliance is announcing that we are endorsing Bill O’Brien to be our next US Senator from New Hampshire.

Join us this Tuesday, July 23rd at 5:30 PM as Bill O’Brien makes his announcement at the American Legion Sweeney Post in Manchester. Let’s send a loud, clear message to Jeanne Shaheen and the Democrats: the Live Free or Die state wants a return to common sense, limited government, and fiscal responsibility.
Please be there and show your support! This is a free event. There is no need to register in advance… just show up.

• WHERE: American Legion Sweeney Post, 251 Maple St, Manchester NH
• WHEN: Tuesday, July 23rd at 5:30 PM

Read our full endorsement statement:

As the Democrats ramp up for the Presidential primary, we hear progressively louder demands for open borders, socialized health care, and increasingly absurd standards of political correctness. Our current US Senators claim to be centrists but have consistently voted in support of a radical agenda. New Hampshire can do better.

This Tuesday, Bill O’Brien is expected to announce that he will be seeking the Republican nomination for the US Senate.

Bill has led the fight for fiscal restraint, lower taxes, less-intrusive government, and a return to common sense. As the NH Speaker of the House, he led Republican efforts to rein in the bloated budget that he had inherited from the Democrats. He has defended the 2nd Amendment, fought for a vibrant New Hampshire economy, and been a voice for the protection of innocent life.

O’Brien has defended parental rights, voter integrity, personal freedoms, and transparency in state government. Thanks to his leadership, New Hampshire eliminated the auto registration surcharge, passed a range of tax relief measures for job-creators, repealed the tax on internet service, and cut numerous government fees for individuals and small businesses.

Time and time again, Bill O’Brien has held fast to his principles and worked to bring common sense back to state government. He has consistently refused to water down his positions to suit the demands of big-government advocates and the special interests they represent. All while enduring partisan attacks, harassment, the Democrat party smear machine, and even routine death threats; for a salary of $100 a year.

Donald Trump’s election proved that voters want leaders who are willing to upset the status quo when necessary. In a world filled with squishy, waffling politicians, voters have been clear: they want candidates who will speak plainly and follow through on their promises.

Bill O’Brien’s record stands as proof that he keeps his promises.

The 603 Alliance is proud to endorse Bill O’Brien to be New Hampshire’s next US Senator.

603 Alliance Climate Change Debate July 29th

The 603 Alliance will host a debate entitled “Climate Change: Challenges and Solutions” on July 29, 2019 at 7:00 PM at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics in Manchester, NH.  We believe that the public deserves to hear the arguments on both sides of the “climate change” debate.
Prominent Climate Change advocates and skeptics have been invited to debate the science and policy implications of climate change.

The debate will address the impact of human society on climate, proposed efforts to mitigate climate change, and the relative benefits of spending on Green New Deal programs versus other initiatives.

Speakers confirmed to date include:

  • Lord Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley.  Author, journalist, and prominent member of the UK Independence Party (UKIP).
  • Joe Bastardi.  Author, Chief Forecaster for Weatherbell Analytics, and former Chief Long Term Forecaster for Accuweather.

All of the Democrat Presidential candidates who are polling at 1% or higher have been invited to participate. Additional speakers will be announced at as they are confirmed.

CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW at our Climate Change: Challenges and Solutions event.

The event will be free to attend, but pre-registration is required, and seating is limited.  More information can be found at

Saturday July 6th: Join us at the CNHT Picnic!

The CNHT Picnic has become a yearly institution among New Hampshire activists.  It is the one and only annual fundraiser for the Coalition of NH Taxpayers, – a great organization that has been fighting for taxpayer rights for many years.  This is always a fun event, and a great opportunity to meet new people as well as to see some familiar faces.

This year’s event will take place in Hillsborough NH on Saturday July 6th from 12 to 3 PM.  The 603 Alliance will be there, and we hope that you will too!  Tickets are only $20 (which includes plenty of food) and the money goes to a great cause.  Children aged 12 and under are free.

There will also be an auction for Boston sports memorabilia.  For full details and links to buy tickets, please visit

An Income Tax in NH??? Help us Spread the Word

Many people in New Hampshire are unaware that Democrats in our State Legislature passed an Income Tax earlier this year.  Fortunately it will not become law, because Governor Sununu vetoed it.

Please help us spread the word, and let people around our state know that the Democrats in our state have been pushing higher taxes.

Check out our latest video below, and please SHARE THE VIDEO on Facebook. Go to our Facebook Page to find it. While you’re there, LIKE our Facebook page so that you can stay up to date on the latest news from the 603 Alliance.
For a more detailed article about the Democrat income tax, check out this article on Granite Grok.

We’re Having a Yard Sale!

Stop by and see us in Rye Beach on May 18th and 19th, where we will be holding a yard sale to benefit the 603 Alliance.  The inventory includes a lot of high-quality items:

Small tables;  chairs; ornate folding screens; vintage Italian pram; vintage Fisher-Price toys from the 70’s; wrought-iron patio furniture; large oval dining table; decorative pieces; office supplies including stationery, copy paper, fax machine, and printer; table, bed, and bath linens; unique items and artwork; folding portable twin bed; folding chairs; folding tables; tents; storage racks; children’s toys and books; throw pillows; lamps; heaters; fans; clothing steamer; rugs; kitchenware and gadgets; cookware; glassware; tools for home and garden; custom dollhouse (for hobbyist to finish); Queen Ann desk with leather top; hardcover books; winter coats and jackets;  boots; party supplies . . .AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!

WHERE: 875 Central Rd., Rye Beach NH  (Click here for MAP)

WHEN: Saturday 5/18 and Sunday 5/19… 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. (both days)

Questions?  Contact us at