Whither The Alliance?

Whither, not wither! Dear Members, there’s work to be done – we’re in it for the long haul, and we hope you’ll join us in our journey.

Cruz-CNBC-Debate First and foremost, as the immediate followup to the Grassroots Presidential Selection Caucus on Oct 17th, we are pledged to support Senator Cruz in his bid for the White House – thus far, he’s proving to be an excellent campaigner, a fiery debater, and great at raising and managing money.

We encourage all the caucus-goers to rally behind Ted Cruz and to take a leaf from Gov Sununu’s book to “talk, talk, talk” to your friends and neighbors about how Senator Cruz is the real deal, and how he will win this race with hard work, steady fundraising, our help, and God willing.

You. Picked. Wisely 🙂

But what else will the Alliance be doing?

From now until February, the big push is to get the Alliance’s pick through the NH primary.

NH-State-House The next major project will be meeting, vetting, and presenting to our members, the candidates for statewide office, especially Governor, Congressperson(s), and Senator.

The Governor’s race is wide open, and we must get a conservative through the primary and on to the corner office in order to bolster the work of Republicans in the General Court to uphold our constitutional freedoms.

One congressional seat (CD2) needs to be contested, but we cannot assume that the Senate seat and CD1 seat are safe, and it behooves us to look carefully at alternatives before the state GOP primary next year. There are already two or three hats in the ring for the CD1 GOP Primary

In addition, the Alliance will hold a number of informational and fundraising events in order to support our work, and the work of NH’s Republican grassroots, to restore and preserve Constitutional government here and in DC.

As time and resources permit, we’ll also help with the promotion of conservatives for the State House, State Senate, and Executive Council.

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